E.26 How many types of hot fix tape or rhinestone sticker?
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E.26 How many types of hot fix tape or rhinestone sticker?


[How many types of hot fix tape(rhinestone sticker)?]


How many types of hot fix tape?


鈪.Hot fix tape identified by the glue of PVC appearance:

1.Acrylic hot fix tape

2.Silicon hot fix tape

Acrylic hot fix tape is cheaper, it is no problem to used for normal hot fix rhinestone motif,heat transfer printing,heat transfer film motif and glue film motif.

Silicon hot fix tape is expensive,it is mainly used for the products which have high requirements, for example,some rhinestones are easy to move place or one design mixed many kinds of sizes and colors rhinestones.

In addition,some DIY hot fix motifs sold on Wal-Mart supermarket, they usually use silicon hot fix tape so that the customers can see a better effect without rhinestones move.


鈪.Hot fix tape identified by the bottom paper:
1.Yellow glazed bottom paper hot fix tape (it is very rare to use at the moment,it need big quantity to customized)

2.Black bottom paper hot fix tape (Mainly for silicon hot fix tape,less use,it need big quantity to customized)

3.White bottom paper hot fix tape ( This is a common bottom paper color,whatever is silicon or acrylic hot fix tape,all defaults to white bottom paper)


鈪.Hot fix tape identified by the width:
1. 24cm width hot fix tape

2. 28cm width hot fix tape

3. 32cm width hot fix tape


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