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 rhinestone transfer
 Lead free Rhinestone
 Hot fix motif production
 rhinestone transfer designs
 chaton rhinestone
 ceramic rhinestone pearl
 rhinestone tape & machine
 iron on nailhead
 Non hotfix flat back stone
 rhinestud-half ball-copper
 Resinous rhinestones
 cup chain rhinestone trimming
 rhinestone patch
 Lace fabric
 embroidery patch
 Rhinestone Embellishment
 neck trimmings
- E.1 How to handle if the tra..
- E.2 How the Rhinestone Machi..
- E.3 What is the Rhinestone m..
- E.4 what elements ..
- E.5 The judgement methods of..
- E.6 What difficulties are th..
- E.7 The difficulties of the ..
- E.8 Lead free rhinestone's s..
- E.9 What is the meaning of P..
- E.10 The contact way of envi..
- E.11 What common test ways t..
- E.12 The Standard to the Lea..
- E.13 The detailed annotation..
- E.14 The definition of lead ..
- E.15 What is hot fix rhinest..
Quote your hot fix motif all..  
swainstone club member..  
Garbage to decorate clothes..  
Swainstone--Dare to promise,..  
The guider of hotfix motifs..  
China--Purchases' paradise..  
The guider of manufacture ho..  
Quality discrimination of rh..  
YAX Hot fix rhinestone and m..  
The essential information of..  
E.1 How to handle if the transfer motifs and rhinestones ironed not good
E.2 How the Rhinestone Machines to Work
E.3 What is the Rhinestone machine? What is the Hotfix Picture Machine?
E.4 what elements are required to test in the lead-free report?
E.5 The judgement methods of lead free rhinestone
E.6 What difficulties are the lead free rhinestones faced with now?
E.7 The difficulties of the lead free rhinestone and solutions
E.8 Lead free rhinestone's surface features
E.9 What is the meaning of PPM?
E.10 The contact way of environmental-friendly test agency
E.11 What common test ways to the lead free rhinestone?
E.12 The Standard to the Lead-Free Rhinestone Test
E.13 The detailed annotation of lead free rhinestones quality requirement
E.14 The definition of lead free rhinestone
E.15 What is hot fix rhinestone?heat press rhinestone?heat fixed rhinestone?
E.16 What is Two-Cut Rhinestone?What is China A Stone?
E.17 What is One cut hot fix rhinestone-heat fixed rhinestone?
E.18 what is china B stone--heat fixed rhinestone?
E.19 What is one-off hot fix rhinestone?heat press rhinestone?heat fixed rhinestone?
E.20 The Construction Explanation to The Hot fix Rhinestone
E.21 What is the standard packing of hot fix lead free rhinestone
E.22 What is the bling bling glass beads pattern on the clothes?
E.23 What is the meaning of gross?
E.24 What is the meaning of SS6 of hot fix rhinestone
E.25 What is hot fix tape or rhinestone sticker?
E.26 How many types of hot fix tape or rhinestone sticker?
E.27 What is the normal size of hot fix tape
E.28 What is octagon? How to explain octagon ? How many types of octagon?
E.29 What is hot fix stone?what is heat fixed rhinestone?
E.30 What is aluminum rhinestone which used for clothes ?
E.31 What is the specification of octagon(rhinestud)?
E.32 How many kinds of quality does the octagon(rhinestud) have?
E.33 It is not easy to heat transfer when there are different sizes in one motif, how to do?
E.34 Is it possible to mix the octagon(rhinestud) and rhinestone on the same motif?
E.35 What is the front heating? What is the back heating?
E.36 What is the temperature transfer for octagon(rhinestud)?
E.37 The glue of the 5A quality octagon(rhinestud) and 4A quality octagon(rhinestud)
E.38 what is the difference between the good and bad quality rhinestuds
E.39 Why the lead free rhinestuds come out to be more washable?
E.40 Heating transfer from the front or from the back better
E.41 What are the advantages of the hot fix rhinestuds motif
E.42 What is brushing rhinestone?
E.43 What is the sequins on the clothes?
E.44 How to hot fix when there are biggest and smallest size stones on the motif?
E.45 What is the temperature difference of hotfix rhinestone in different sizes?
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